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Never To Part Again

Title: To Never Say GoodBye Again
Length: [3/3]
Author: HolyStarDown
Pairing: Yunjae
Rating: PG
Genre: I don't know anymore
Disclaimer: Apparently the labels that I stuck on Jaejoong, Changmin, and Yunho's shoulders are not legally binding ((or legal at all o__o)) therefor, I do not own them
Summary: Jaejoong takes Yunho home to meet someone for the first time
Author's Note: The much asked for sequel to "Kiss the Willow" 


“I’m running on borrowed time Boo, you know that right?”


I turned back to my love after unlocking the front door. “Yes I know, but you have to meet someone first,” I replied, biting my bottom lip. Now that we were actually back at my house, I was having second thoughts about forcing him to come here. But no matter how bad my nerves got, it had to be done- for both of them.


Yunho sighed and shifted his stance from behind me. “I don’t know if that would be such a good idea. You know, with me being a celebrity and all…” Yunho said. He wasn’t looking at me at all.


“He doesn’t care if you’re a celebrity,” I assured him. Although, I’m not sure that was his real reason for being uneasy. Maybe he knew who I was talking about after all. I took the hand that I had reluctantly let go of to unlock the door and stood on my toes to be at Yunho’s eyelevel. “I promised him Yunho. Don’t make me brake that promise,” I said as I gave him the best puppy eyes I could muster. I was sure that after five years of not seeing it, he would have lost the little bit of futile immunity that he built up. Like always, I was right.


Yunho’s gaze met my face and he instantly crumbled. “Alright… But we have to make it quick. I need to get back before anyone notices that I’m gone.”


“I think you can make all the time in the world for this.” I slowly opened the door with my hand still clinging to Yunho’s and pulled him inside. There was absolutely no turning back now; not that I planned to do that in the first place. I took a deep breath and called out his name. “Changmin!”


Yunho laughed quietly. “I like that name,” he said.


I smiled at him, then returned my gaze to the hallway. “I thought you would.”


Before Yunho could put his questioning face into words, a little ball of horrified energy came flying at me and clung to my legs. “Umma I was so scared! Please don’t ever ever ever ever EVER leave me alone again!” Changmin begged as he squished his face into my thigh.


I laughed a little and glanced at Yunho who was, well, utterly shocked. “Umma?” he mouthed without sound.


I managed to pry Changmin’s surprisingly strong arms off of me and got down on my knees to hug him properly. “I’m sorry, but look who I brought for you,” I said as I returned my gaze to my still-in-shock lover. Changmin stared up at Yunho with an almost exact reflection of his expression. You know what they say: like father like son.


“WOW,” Changmin said loudly and pointed his finger at Yunho. “Appa’s tall!”


I couldn’t help but laugh at his comment, completely unaware that Yunho was close to tears. “Yes, and you will be too someday,” I said, giving Changmin a quick kiss on the cheek.


Yunho dropped to his knees in front of Changmin, staring into his son’s eyes with his mouth slightly open and searching for words. “Appa?” he finally managed to whisper.


“Yep!” Changmin said with a cute nod. He flung his tiny arms around Yunho and buried his face in Yunho’s neck. “I love you too Appa!”


Yunho just stared at me with silent tears rolling down his cheeks and dripping on Changmin’s shoulders. I couldn’t say anything. It was beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. All three of us were finally together, but I knew that it wouldn’t stay like this; Yunho was still a celebrity, he still had his life to live and no matter how badly I wanted to, I could never force him to give that up for me. Not only that, but I hated to see Yunho cry under any circumstance. I had only seen him do it once before and I told myself I wouldn’t cause him to again, yet here he was, spilling tears all over our son.


Changmin suddenly let Yunho go and bolted out of the room with a worried expression on his delicate face. “Changmin??” I called after him. I was about to follow the little boy, but a soft grip on my hand stopped me.


“If I would have known…” Yunho said in a deathly quiet voice. “If I had any I idea… I would have never left Jaejoong… I swear I wouldn’t have-” He was cut off by Changmin reentering the room with a small wrapper in his hand.


Changmin quickly unwrapped the object and held out a small colorful band-aid to Yunho. “I’m sorry Appa. I didn’t mean to hurt you…” he said, looking up at Yunho with the puppy eyes look he obviously got from me. “This’ll fix it.”


Yunho laughed as he wiped his tears and took the band-aid from Changmin. “Thank you,” he said, collecting Changmin into another hug.


“I’ll put it on for you,” Changmin offered with a wide grin. Yunho nodded with a quiet ‘alright’ and handed the band-aid back to Changmin. He studied the colorful plastic for a moment and then stuck it right in the middle of Yunho’s forehead. “Is this right Umma?” he asked with a hopeful smile after beaming at his handiwork for a second.


Yunho looked cross-eyed up at his new fashion statement with a smile. “It’s perfect.”


Changmin’s smile grew even wider at Yunho’s comment. “See Umma? I told you I was perfect!” he declared, earning a laugh from Yunho and me.


“Yes you are,” I said as I lightly ruffled his soft hair. I let the three of us bask in each other’s presence for a little while before I rose to my feet with Changmin in my arms. “So… I guess you have to go now…” I said solemnly.


Yunho bit his lip slightly and stared at the floor. He stayed quiet for a little too long. “I… don’t know if I can Jae.”


Changmin gasped extra loud. “Does that mean Appa’s going to stay with us??” he asked with wide eyes and an ear-to-ear smile, bouncing eagerly against my hip.

I just stared at Yunho, even though he pointedly avoided my gaze. “Does it Yunnie?” I asked quietly.

“I don’t want to put you through everything that would come with me being around you Jae. That’s why I didn’t bring you with me in the first place,” Yunho muttered. He finally stood up and looked me straight in the eyes. “That’s why I pretended not to know you earlier. So I could protect you. It’d be a disaster for both of us if anyone knew we were together… and… just think about Changmin.” Yunho ran his fingers though Changmin’s soft hair. “I could never deal with paparazzo’s following him around twenty-four seven and twisting everything you two do into something horrible. Jae… I love you way too much to put you through something that bad.” Yunho continued to stroke Changmin’s hair even when he lost eye contact with me. “I’m sorry…”

I glared at Yunho and hoped that I was burning holes into his head. “You think that living without you again would be any better?”

“It’s hard for me to be without you too. You just don’t understand-”

“No you don’t understand Yunho! I can’t do it again… Don’t you think five years was long enough?” As soon as I finished my sentence I felt something tugging at my sleeve. 

“Umma, Appa… Please don’t fight…” Changmin muttered against my shoulder. 

I turned away from Yunho and patted Changmin’s back. “Don’t worry Changmin. Appa was just leaving.” I couldn’t even look at Yunho anymore. Why did I really expect him to stay with us after five years of complete abandonment?

“Jaejoong please don’t take it this way,” Yunho whispered. “I love you so much, you know that.”

There was a long moment of silence. I didn’t know what to say anymore. I wanted him to stay so badly, but at the same time I hated him for not wanting to stay because of something so trivial. So what about the paparazzi? Changmin and I could deal with that. Who knows, we might even enjoy the limelight a little. 

“Okay Jae. I’ll go,” Yunho mumbled as he reached for the door. 

And I didn’t try to stop him. Even when I heard the door close and Changmin’s soft sobs, I stood where I was. 

“Umma…” Changmin said after rubbing his eyes and sniffing. “I miss Appa already…”

A lone tear fell from my eye but I wiped it away before Changmin could see it. “I do too Min… Come on, you need to get to bed.” I led Changmin into his room, helped him change into his pajamas, and tucked him in, giving him a kiss on the forehead before I left his room. 

“Night night Umma!” Changmin called before snuggling deeper into his covers. 

“Goodnight Changmin.” I left the door open a crack and sat on the living room couch, burying my face into the cushion like I did earlier. Now we were exactly where we began: without Yunho. I drifted off into a light sleep on the couch and woke up again a little after midnight. I dragged myself back to my room and flopped on the bed that I thought Yunho would be in after tonight, but no. I was still alone. I was just about to fall asleep again when I heard a melody faintly making its way to my ears. The voice was so beautiful… So familiar. I jerked open my window to see Yunho standing in the middle of the moonlit yard, spilling his heart into his song. 


“Everyday when in my dreams,
I feel like I'm actually holding your hand.
You're so far away. It may be too late.
And so I wasn't able to confess my hidden feelings.
How do you feel? I look into your eyes,
And I still don't know.

Thank you for everything you've done for me.
Someday I'll lay my love on you.

Baby, I don't want to lose it now.
Just one. My only one.
Let everyday be like the first time we've met.
You're what I've live for.

These feelings are for you,
Didn't you know?

These past few days told me that,
My love for you is forever.

And at the end of each day,
You will still wait for me.

I'm so happy loving you.
We will last forever

Anywhere in the world.
Just one. My only one.
My one and only love.
There's no one else besides you.
I know this. I believe this. Forever...
Even though there are many people who need me.
But I want to stay besides you.

I pray for this love to be true.
No matter where we are.

I miss you, my baby you.
Please stay besides me for a little longer.
This is unbelievable.

Like a lie, that occurs everyday...
Someday I'll lay my love on you.

Baby, I don't want to lose it now.
Just one. My only one.
Let everyday be like the first time we've met.
You're what I've live for.

These feelings are for you,
Didn't you know?

Kim Jaejoong! I will love you forever whether you like it or not!” Yunho shouted into the night. 

I didn’t even try to stop the tears that were pouring out of my eyes, just blinked them out. I only covered my mouth with my hand to try to quite the gasps and hiccups. 

Yunho slowly approached the window and leaned on the windowsill. “But I really want you to like it,” he whispered before placing a delicate kiss on my eyelids. “I really don’t think I can leave again. Tell me you love me and I’ll stay forever.”

“Promise?” I squeaked. 

“Promise,” Yunho answered, kissing me again.

“I love you Jung Yunho! I love you more than anything in the world!”

Yunho took me into his arms as I completely broke down. He trailed kisses down my jaw line and on to my neck. Neither of us heard the soft footsteps that stopped in my doorway. 

“Yay!” Changmin cheered. “Umma and Appa made up!”

I laughed despite my crying because our son was completely right. Yunho had finally returned to me, never to say goodbye again. 

A/N: Okay! the ending is very cheesey but i couldn't think of anything else x_x i hope it doesn't dissapoint. 
the song Yunho sang to Jaejoong was the english version of DBSK's 'one' ((because it just fit so perfectly!!)) this is the FINAL so, much love to you all!

Tags: author: holystardown, genre: fluff, length: multi-shot, pairing: yunjae

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