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Title: Glow
Status: Fic 20/100
Length: One-Shot
Author: HolyStarDown
Pairing: Kibum/Donghae, implied HanChul
Rating: PG-13 for language
Genre: Angst
Disclaimer: if i owned them i would be posting HD videos, not fics
Summary: Because Donghae is forever hopeful, and Kibum knows every way to destroy him


For days Donghae had had a strange glow around him that none of the other members could quite place; he smiled brighter, bounced around more, sang in the shower more, and even threw himself into dancing more so than his usual energetic self would. Most of them ignored it, brushing his extra hyperness off and saying that someone had just switched back his coffee from the decaf stuff Leeteuk “accidentally” gave Donghae every morning. Life went on and no one blinked an eye… until Kyuhyun saw the letter. Heechul did nothing but roll his eyes, Kangin punched a wall, Sungmin walked away without a word, and Leeteuk cried hard enough for all of them.


Kibum was coming home.




The letter (in so many words) said that the stay would only be for one night, but it was better than nothing after not seeing their 13th member for over a year, and Donghae was going all out for Kibum’s arrival.


“He went to buy the bastard flowers. Fucking flowers Hankyung. Why can’t you buy me flowers sometime?” Heechul griped one day after seeing a note Donghae left on his empty bed. The Chinese man just shook his head and patiently waited for the younger boy’s return.


What they didn’t expect though, was for Donghae to return with not flowers- but a tiny fish swimming around and blowing bubbles in a plastic bag just as happy as could be. Donghae made it an absolute must to introduce the new fish to every single member before he would give the fish to Kibum that night, and even wrote the tiny creature’s name on the bag in English so Kibum would think of him as “original.”


(“Heart,” Heechul scoffed. “Damnit Hankyung, you’re really falling behind.”)


The hours until Kibum’s supposed arrival grew closer and the glow surrounding Super Junior’s own little fishy grew ever brighter. The other members could barely keep up the boy’s movement, only catching a few words here and there that sounded like “I’m going to be the first to see him!” and “You worry too much!” when Leeteuk scolded him for wanting to go outside in the rain. In the end he relents to bringing an umbrella with him out to the park Kibum said he would be dropped off at and waits impatiently under its cover, fish bag in hand, when he gets there.


An hour passes with no Kibum. The rain falls harder and Heart still blows bubbles happily when Donghae glances down to check on her.


A second hour passes and his glow begins to fade. Donghae’s ankles are tired from bouncing in anticipation for so long and his nose is already starting to run.


The third, fourth, and fifth hours pass with no sign of Kibum at all. It’s only after the sixth hour of waiting that Donghae’s phone starts vibrating, and his glow returns at full force when he sees Kibum’s name flash across the screen. Balancing the umbrella’s stem between his jaw and shoulder isn’t the easiest task, but Donghae’s convinced that the text message will be asking him where the hell he is and why is he not back at the dorm throwing him a party with everyone else like he should be, so he does the balancing act anyway.


Instead of seeing the message he wants, though, the tiny characters on the screen make his glow fade away completely and the sky fall harder.


To: Fishy

From: Kibum


Sorry I couldn’t make it Hae. Yeongsun threw a party after filming today and a big-time film director was going to be there. Couldn’t miss it. Maybe next time?


The plastic bag slips from Donghae’s hand as he reads over the message again, and he makes no effort to pick it up. He just closes his phone with a soft click and walks away from the park as alone as he came.


He leaves his Heart on the ground that night, bag broken, and in the rain. It dies before he gets back to the car.

A/N: so this is my first stab at the fic challenge over at miracle______ :D
Tags: author: holystardown, genre: angst, length: one-shot, suju challenge

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