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Title: Burn
Status: Fic 6/100
Length: Drabble
Author: HolyStarDown
Pairing: Heechul/ Yesung
Rating: R (for dark theme, self mutilation) 
Genre: Dark, Angst (?)
Disclaimer: if i owned them i would be posting HD videos, not fics
Summary: Burn vb: to injure or alter as if by fire or heat- n: injury, damage, or effect as if by burning
A/N: i seriously don't even know where the hell this one came from ._.

Burn vb: to injure or alter as if by fire or heat- n: injury, damage, or effect as if by burning



Yesung thinks differently- always has, always will. He acts strangely, thinks strangely, even speaks strangely when he feels like it, and because of that no one ever seems to truly understand him. There are times when he feels completely alone in his little world of oddities, and sometimes… he forgets what it’s like to feel.


Only one person ever seemed to understand him, and despite the obvious distance between the two of them in front of everyone else and on camera, Yesung always comes crawling to him when he just can’t take it anymore- when the numbness spreading through his body becomes too much and everything else in the world starts to get terribly cold.


He knows that what he needs is to come to the master of fire for this purpose- the only one who can make him really feel things anymore- and he knows that Heechul is every kind of wild, dangerous, and out of control that he’s looking for.


The first time it happened was purely by accident (Heechul was protective of his cat and Yesung could have sworn Heebum was trying to murder his turtles,) but after that it became a habit he could do nothing in his power to shake.


Still, he screams every time when perfectly manicured nails dig into his skin and leave bloody trails from wrist to elbow on both arms, and he still loves the fire blazing in Heechul’s eyes as he admires his work and waits in silence to see if anyone dares to stop them.


They never do.


They’re sure everyone but Ryeowook knows about it by now (he simply refuses to acknowledge what he was the first to find out) because it’s fucking impossible not to hear him scream in the dead of the night from the burning in his skin, and why else would he be the only one wearing long sleeves in the middle of the summer?


Leeteuk had confronted him about it once after gathering enough balls and heart-clenching concern to finally say something, but by then the scars had mostly faded and Heechul’s skill with makeup had improved enough to hide everything with a few simple brushstrokes. New marks were on him the next day, though, because Leeteuk had reminded him just how badly he wanted it.


At some point, Yesung guesses that he should tell them that he likes to feel the way he does: he likes the burn of Heechul carving fire into his skin and the burn of alcohol against the back of his throat that Heechul sometimes gives him afterwards. He also guesses that he should tell them that he’s the one begging Heechul to tear him apart every time, but that would mean the end of this, and Yesung isn’t sure he’s ready to let it go.

Tags: author: holystardown, genre: angst, length: drabble, suju challenge
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