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One- Shot: Addiction

Title: Addiction
Length: One-shot ((1978 words))
Author: HolyStarDown
Pairing: Yunjae
Rating: Ehh... PG-13 to be safe 
Genre: Fluffish, Creepy...ness? ((you'll see))
Disclaimer: oh yeah, Jae definatly belongs to Yunho and Yunho belongs to his Boo <3
Summary: Jaejoong has been ignoring Yunho to work on a rediculously important English assignment for too long. When Jae finally decides to take a brake, Yunho shows him how he's been able to cope
Author's Note: so this was the first actual YunJae thing i ever wrote, but i put off posting it because one, i didn't think it would be a good "first fic" kind of story, and two, well... ya'll probably won't like it very much. i finally decided to post because well... you don't know if ppl hate it until you share it. i hope you like it though! please comment and tell me what you think ^^


There are very few times that I can say that I hate my hair. Very few. But now is one of those times. It fell into my eyes in large, semi-greasy strands, deliberately blocking my view of my English essay that I was wasting my life away on. I had been writing and revising the stupid thing for almost thirty-six hours straight with very little breaks in between; none of which including a shower. So, needless to say, I desperately needed to wash my usually wonderful hair. I couldn’t bear to let my Yunnie see it in such a terrible condition; he loves my hair just as much as I do. Well, as much as I love it on a normal day of course.


I had locked the door of the study from the inside after the second time Yunho tried to get me away from my paper. After thirty minutes of persistent knocking accompanied with several child-like calls of “Joongie,” and “Boo Jae,” he finally gave up. I didn’t want to ignore him, I just couldn’t afford to be distracted. So I had to be at my very best when I confronted him again to make up for it. With that thought in mind, I turned the desk lamp off and headed to the bathroom.


I had to do a double take when I saw my reflection in the large mirror on the wall; my eyes were tinted red and slightly blood-shot while my hair was just a jumbled black mess on top of my head, sticking out in every direction in a way that defied all laws of gravity with some strands hanging in front of my eyes and on my shoulders. I defiantly couldn’t let Yunho see me looking like that.


I stripped down to nothing before turning on the instantly hot shower and stepped under the controlled rain. I closed my eyes as the water rolled down my body, washing away most of my stress. It was amazing to not be thinking of that essay for a few blissful minutes. I could just relax and let my fried brain take a much needed rest. It was heaven with just one thing missing from it… Yunho.


The thought of him made me deeply regret the way I yelled at him when he interrupted my writing, but he knows how I get when it comes to my school work, especially now that there’s only two months until I finally graduate from the wretched collage. Being the attention whore that he is, Yunho hated me spending my time at school or doing school work instead of with him. That was probably why he had been acting a little strange lately. Thankfully he was always sweet about it when I neglected him for work. We never got into heated arguments, he just left it with a solemn nod and an “I understand Boo,” despite his craving for my attention, which I usually give to him without a second thought.


A soft click woke me from my train of thought (I hadn’t even realized that I was falling asleep) while standing under the downpour. I brushed the click off as nothing and let me mind wander again. My eyes slowly slid closed and I ran my fingers through my hair as the water washed over my face, struggling against the much needed sleep that was tugging at my mind. Yes, I thought, that’s what I’ll do when I get out of here… Go see Yunnie for a minute, then go to sleep… hopefully in his arms…” It was like I could already feel his arms around my waist and his chest pressed against my back, which made sleep try to pull me into its darkness even harder.


I tossed my head back, only to hit something solid, yet far too soft and warm to be the tile wall. “Yunho!” I cried when I opened my eyes and saw his beautiful lips curved up into a smile. It was an automatic reaction to jerk out of his hold and try to cover myself, no matter how many times he had already seen me like this.


“Hello Boo,” Yunho purred softly, still smiling at me. “I’m glad you finally decided to come out.”


“Holy crap, you don’t have to scare me like that!” I said as I moved my hand to cover my frantic heart.


Yunho mumbled a small ‘I’m sorry’ before he took me into his arms again and let me rest my head against his shoulder. The water pattered against our bodies, now practically just one being, and dripped from my fingertips. “I just couldn’t wait to see you…” Yunho said in a low voice as he ran his gentle fingers through my hair.


His words brought a smile to my lips. “I’ve been so busy with my essay… I’m sorry.”


“I understand Boo.” Yunho held me for what seemed like a beautiful eternity while the steam lapped against our faces and water rolled across our skin. It truly felt like I was melting into him. Neither of us said anything or moved aside from Yunho gently rocking me back and forth. For those blessed minutes, nothing in the world existed except us.


Just when I was about to fall asleep, I softly pushed away from Yunho. “I have to wash my hair,” I mumbled, reaching for the bottle of shampoo.


But Yunho took it before I could. “Let me do it,” Yunho offered. And who was I to say no to something like that? With a smile Yunho began to massage fragrant soap into my hair. I deeply inhaled the fresh scent as Yunho’s soft hands swept my bangs out of my eyes right before my eyelids fluttered closed. And now my heaven was exactly as it was supposed to be.


After a few more seconds, Yunho nudged me forward to stand in the middle of the downpour. “Close your eyes,” he whispered.


“They are closed,” I answered with a slight smile. Yunho gently coaxed the shampoo out of my hair. I just couldn’t help but sigh at the feeling of the foam running down my arms and back.


“Your hair is so beautiful Jaejoong,” Yunho said lovingly as he rested his cheek against the back of my head and twirled a dripping lock of my hair lazily around his finger.


The corners of my mouth turned up further. “I try,” I joked, earning myself a soft laugh from Yunho that slightly shook both of us. He eventually started combing conditioner through my hair with his fingers. The slow rhythm of the wet strands falling against my neck and shoulders lulled me into a light sleep where I was only conscious of Yunho’s presence.


We stayed like that for another blissful eternity before I became aware of my other surroundings again. One of Yunho’s arms was still around my waist while his other hand was combing through my hair. But something felt a little off. My hair felt lighter and it no longer hit my shoulders or fell into my eyes when Yunho released the strands from his hold. Oh well… I thought. He probably pulled it back for me or something. I leaned my head back against Yunho and smiled up at him. Even with my eyes closed, I knew he was smiling back.


“I love you Boo,” Yunho said when his fingers finally came to a stop and rested on my shoulder. “I miss you when you lock yourself away like that…” He pressed his lips against my temple and let go of my completely. I let out a small whimper in protest to the loss of contact, but he ignored it. “I need to do some things before you come back to our room, okay?”


I could only nod; I had a pretty good idea of what he had in mind. Yunho kissed my forehead and left me alone to finish my shower.


When I was done, I hastily dried off and yanked on my clothes, not that I thought I would be wearing them for very long. I didn’t even bother to look at my reflection in the foggy mirror like I usually do after a shower. No, all I wanted to do was get to Yunho as quickly as possible. I hardly even minded (or noticed for that matter) that one of the sleeves on my favorite nightshirt was gone.


Yunho was leaning over something on our bed with his back towards me and the doorway. It took him a few seconds before he realized I was there, but he wore a beautiful smile when he finally faced me. “You have to see what I made Boo!” Yunho cried with the enthusiasm of a child.


I raised my eyebrow at him and stepped further into the room. “You made something?”


Yunho nodded and pulled a small doll out from behind his back. It took me a few seconds of staring at the strange hand-sized doll with life-like hair before mortification kicked in. “Wh-what the hell is that??” I cried, taking a very large step away from Yunho and the doll that looked exactly like me. Not only that, but it was wearing the missing sleeve of my favorite shirt.


Yunho kept smiling, making the situation even creepier. “It’s a doll silly,” he said simply.


Yes I knew perfectly well that it was a doll, any idiot could see that. “B-b-but why does it look like me?? And why is it wearing my shirtsleeve??”


Yunho stood up and reached for my hand with the doll still held in his.


“Because I got lonely Boo. I made it so I would always have you with me, even when the real you leaves me alone. I tried to make it as much like you as possible, so I used your favorite shirt and your hair.”


“Yunho that’s craz- Wait, my sleeve and my WHAT??” I nearly screamed. I jerked my hand away from Yunho and it instantly flew to the back of my head to grasp my hair, but that was just it. There was nothing to grab. This time I did scream, pulling at the inch long strands that used to be shoulder length. “ARE YOU INSANE????” I screeched.


Yunho’s smiling face quickly twisted into seemingly innocent worry. “Why are you screaming at me? Did I do something wrong?”


I took several steps away from Yunho with my hand frantically pulling at the way too short hair I still had left. “Wrong??” I screeched. “Yunho, you cut my hair for that- that THING!!” I pointed a shaky finger at the doll, completely ignoring Yunho’s hurt expression.


“That’s a cruel thing to say to Little Joongie,” he said in a deathly calm voice as he petted the doll lovingly.


Tremors of horror shook my body at that look in his eyes. Yunho had named the stupid thing? Now that’s just too much. “You’re crazy,” I said just before bolting for the front door. But Yunho got there before me. He slammed his hand against the cool metal and I froze. “You aren’t going to leave me alone again,” he said in the same deathly calm voice while clamping his hands around my wrists. “There are things you do to me that Little Joongie cannot do.” He pressed his lips against mine and kissed me slowly but forcefully as if to make sure I got the impression.


I cringed away after a while and stared at him I disbelief. “What has gotten into you?” My voice slightly wavered both from fear and his kiss. Not that it was a bad thing; Yunho needed to know that he was freaking me out.


Yunho laughed. It was a horrible sound compared to his usual warm laugh. “Gotten into me? Why, I believe it is the addiction to Kim Jaejoong.”


A/N: ok, so the end was really stupid but... this thing just wrote itself. i was in the shower when i thought of it and... needless to say i got a little freaked out with thinking about it ^^;;


Tags: author: holystardown, genre: fluff, genre: thriller, length: one-shot, pairing: yunjae

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