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Beyond the Mind's Control Chapter 2

Title: Beyond the Mind's Control
Length: [2/10]
Author: HolyStarDown
Pairing: Yunjae, Yoosu,
Rating: R 
Genre: Angst, horror, drama
Disclaimer: i only own them in my dreams
Summary: No summary. deal
Author's Note: this was originally not a yunjae fic so i changed all the names of the characters. i did it for my bishee reya so blame her for the fail that is this fanfic xD it has demonic possession, implied rape, murder, adn violence so don't read it if you don't like it. also, i wrote this like.... idk 3 years ago? so it's godaweful. please forgive me for that <3

Beyond the Mind's Control Chapter 2


They spent the rest of their break talking in hushed tones in the deserted hallway. Yunho wasn’t a people person anymore for obvious reasons, so the less people around him the better. But he made sure that he was never truly alone with anyone. The sound of the occasional frustrated sigh from a classroom reassured Yunho that there were still people in the hall that could hear them if things got out of hand.

Yunho looked up at Jaejoong after several minutes of playing with his long pale fingers. He said nothing, just looked into the other’s glittering ebony eyes.


“What?” Jaejoong asked.


 Yunho returned his gaze to his and Jaejoong’s hands and continued to work with his fingers. “Nothing…” he muttered. He loved being alone with Jaejoong. To be with his in this hallway with teachers in the rooms around them wasn’t enough, but he knew his limitations. The feeling of Jaejoong’s smooth skin against his drove him insane. He knew if they were truly alone, his Other would come forward without hesitation. His fingers grazing Jaejoong’s skin in the most delicate way and a gentle response from his…


It was too much. Yunho released Jaejoong’s hand and shook a twisted though his Other fed him from the back of his mind.


Jaejoong sighed and placed his hand gently in his lap. “I think you’re overreacting to this Yunho,” he said. He cast a pleading look at Yunho even though the latter’s eyes were focused elsewhere. “There are plenty of people here… He wouldn’t…” Jaejoong trailed off.


“Having people around only makes him think more carefully about what he’s going to do, not stop him,” Yunho pointed out. He knew better than anyone what his Other was up to, but even then, he didn’t know very much. His Other always thought of new and ways to make Yunho’s life much more complicated.


Just then, the bell rang to end break. Yunho rose to his feet and outstretched his hand to help Jaejoong up.


Jaejoong ignored Yunho’s hand and got up on his own. He smoothed imaginary wrinkles out of his crisp white shirt, desperately trying to avoid looking into Yunho’s eyes. “I’ll see you after class,” he said, without taking his eyes off the ground.


“Alright…” Yunho responded. He watched Jaejoong as the beauty made his way through the hall doors to his next class with a grim expression. He had never understood what Jaejoong was thinking about him since the night his Other first attacked the love of his life.


Sometimes Jaejoong would act like he used to; completely in love with him. Other times he would avoid Yunho at all costs and look at him with petrified eyes. He would sometimes switch from being in love one second to being afraid the next for no apparent reason. And it all confused Yunho more than anything. He wished that Jaejoong would either love him all the time or hate him all the time. He wouldn’t mind if Jaejoong hated him; part of him actually wanted the other boy to. He would be much safer if Jaejoong never spoke to him again, but Yunho loved him so much…

Yunho could sense other students rushing for their classes in the hallway and quickly made his exit, shaking the other thoughts from his mind.




After school, Yunho tried to avoid contact with anyone. He could feel the presence in his mind growing restless from being dormant throughout the entire school day and didn’t want to risk lashing out on somebody who had the misfortune of getting in his way.


“Just say something for God’s sake. Your anticipation is killing me,” Yunho said aloud to himself as soon as he reached his scarlet red Mustang.


His Other remained silent even though Yunho felt the burning in his throat that always came before his Other spoke through him.


“Fine,” Yunho said semi-victoriously. He let a slight grin arch his lips. “The quieter you are the better off I am.”


As soon as the remark escaped from his lips, he heard his Other’s hiss of a reply. Don’t underestimate me. Just because I’m quiet now doesn’t mean I’m not going to do something later.


Yunho sighed and started his engine. “Drive for me,” he said.


His mind echoed with his Other’s laughter. You trust me to drive now?


Yunho shook his head. “I just don’t feel like doing it. Besides, you drive better than me…”


There are several things I do much better than you. You just don’t admit the others.


Yunho was too tired to argue with his Other now. Usually he didn’t get so exhausted during the day unless he had to fight with his Other continuously to remain in control. Today he didn’t have to struggle for control at all, but even so, he felt like he would pass out at any moment. All he wanted to do was go home and try to sleep it off.


Sleep was the safest place for Yunho to be. He didn’t have to confront anyone or do anything for that matter. Even though Yunho’s mind was at rest, his Other was powerless. His Other stayed wide awake but was unable to do anything through Yunho. Sometimes he would ramble on through Yunho’s dreams or cause Yunho to have a nightmare about an unwanted memory, but that was it.


Yunho wished he could sleep on his way home, but he knew that wouldn’t work. His Other couldn’t control him, so neither of them would be able to drive. Instead, Yunho sat back in his seat and let his mind fade from being in control, making way for his Other to take over. There was no guarantee that his Other would step down when they arrived at his house, but at this point Yunho couldn’t care. He just wanted to go home.


Yunho’s vision faded to black and he felt his hands and feet involuntarily move to drive his car. He never quite got used to the feeling even after a month of his Other being able to fully control his actions. His body felt so strange moving on its own and Yunho had to admit, having his limbs move without his consent made his skin crawl.




Yunho’s vision came back to take in the sight of his house and the long stretch of the driveway before him. He had no memory of the trip over, but he was here. He glanced at the digital clock on the radio that read 4:14; he got here in less than ten minutes. Even taking the shortest way to and from school, it took him at least twenty minutes to get home going about fifteen miles an hour over the speed limit.

Yunho just sighed and made his way into the empty house. “I’m home!” he called out before he could stop himself. His mother had been dead for almost two months and his father had never been there.


Yunho sighed again and climbed the stairs to his destroyed room. It was still a horrible wreck from time Jaejoong had found him trying to hang himself two weeks ago and he found it too bothersome to clean it up. Blood stained the carpet and sheets from when he slashed his wrists that night and freely tried to let them bleed out. But just like his many other suicide attempts, his Other had not let him die. He felt all the pain and occasionally lost consciousness, but death would never come.


Jaejoong had stopped that attempt before he could even go unconscious. Jaejoong was so foolish for doing it… Always trying to stop him… Always saving him from the death he deserved…


Yunho gathered the bloodstained sheets and carried them to the laundry room. He tossed the sheets in the washing machine and poured bleach in with it. Just then a memory of his mother flashed into his head.


Him washing bloodstained sheets… His mother coming in and seeing the blood… An earsplitting scream…


Yunho clawed at his forehead, nails digging into his scalp and teeth clamped tight. His knees went weak and his vision stretched out of focus. He wouldn’t remember. He wouldn’t let his Other make him remember. Before it could get any worse, Yunho staggered out of the memory-tainted laundry room, bleach in hand and returned to his self made destruction.


He drenched the crimson spots on his floor with bleach and was gazing at the orange foam slowly rising from it when another wave of exhaustion washed over him. He swayed slightly, partly because of the intense bleach fumes. It seemed even the simplest of tasks were wearing him out today. Gathering the last of his energy Yunho staggered to his mother’s room. He collapsed on the king-sized bed and let the lavender scent of his mother’s pillow consume him. He loved her so much… He didn’t mean to…


Yunho awoke to the sound of his cell phone playing “My Silent Conflict” from his pocket. “Jaejoong-ah…” he muttered with a ghost of a smile tugging at the corner of his lips. He put the phone to his ear but kept his weary eyes closed. “Yes love?” he asked.


Jaejoong’s voice whispered through the speaker. “Where are you??” the slightly older boy hissed.


“At home…” Yunho replied lazily.


“You were supposed to be here an hour ago!!”


“What are you talking about?” Yunho rolled on his side facing the clock as he spoke. “It’s only four th--” his voice cut off as he saw the big seven staring back at him followed by a two and three. He jumped out of his mother’s bed and raced down the stairs to the front door. “I’m so sorry Jaejoong, I guess I fell asleep. I thought it was only a few minutes—”


Jaejoong cut him off this time. “It doesn’t matter Yunho, just come now.”


Yunho stopped after he slid into his car. “Is something wrong?”


“Not exactly wrong, but my parents are rambling on about how Yoochun’s much more reliable than you. I don’t think I can take it anymore without clawing my mom’s eyes out.”


“That’s definitely something wrong,” Yunho said as he pulled out of his driveway. He watched the needle on his speed gage rise above 55 even though the signs that flashed by read “SPEED LIMIT 40.”


Yunho never ignored speed limits; he actually watched them very carefully to make sure he never went more than twenty miles an hour above the designated speed. He had been driving for almost two years and never once got caught for his daily speed violations. Even when he had his permit, he avoided driving with his mother so he could go fifty around town. Slow was just too boring.


“Yoochun isn’t there, is he?” Yunho asked after a few silent minutes.


“No. Not yet,” Jaejoong replied wearily. He knew exactly what Yunho would say…


“Yet??” Yunho asked. “What do you mean yet??”


“My mom invited him last minute Yunho. You know how she is.”


Yunho exhaled through clenched teeth. “Okay,” he said simply. There was no reason to make a scene over something that was inevitable.




Within ten minutes, Yunho was waiting in front of Jaejoong’s door. “Don’t say anything to him, got it?” Yunho said aloud to his Other; though he knew even a real threat wouldn’t prevent him from doing anything.


The door swung open and Yunho put on the most sincere smile he could force his lips to make. Jaejoong’s father stared down his nose at Yunho, even though Yunho was only an inch shorter than him. He stepped aside without a word and Yunho could feel the cold eyes on his back as he entered the house.


Jaejoong’s parents weren’t snooty people, Yunho knew, but they hated him for being with their son. Who wouldn’t? He’d done every bad thing he could to their son even though most things they were unaware of. But had their suspicion and that was enough.


Dinner flew by in a blur. Jaejoong’s parents droned on about Yoochun and how much Yoochun and Jaejoong had been through together for hours and hours, unaware that their son was on the verge of a breakdown. After the first few times of hearing it, Yunho had learned to tune them out and keep his eyes set on Jaejoong’s magnificent face… and several other parts to keep his mind from completely wandering away.


Jaejoong took Yunho’s hand after the table had been cleared and gave his parents his puppy-eyed look. “Can Yunho and I go to the park?” he asked sweetly as Yunho shot him a warning look that went completely ignored.


“But Yoochun should be here in a minute,” his mother protested.


“That’s alright Mrs. Kim, I need to get home anyway,” Yunho interjected. He bowed slightly to Jaejoong’s parents and gave Jaejoong a brief kiss on the cheek. “Thank you for dinner,” he added with a forced smile.


When Yunho reached for the door to let himself out, he felt his face grow hot. “Yoochun’s here,” he said, trying desperately to limit the distaste in his voice.


“Don’t leave yet!” Jaejoong cried. “You promised you’d stay tonight!”


Yunho’s eyes narrowed and he gripped the doorknob more tightly. “I can’t Jaejoong.” His words were like acid on his tongue. “No option.”


Just as soon as the door bell rang throughout the house, Yunho opened the door to see the godlike human being in front of him with one of his perfect smiles.


“Sorry I’m late,” Yoochun said.


Yunho pushed past Yoochun without a word; he knew what would happen if he lingered before him for very long and knew that it wouldn’t turn out well.



( 2 comments — Speak )
Jul. 24th, 2009 10:59 am (UTC)
Poor Yunho and Jaejoong...but I truly love Jaejoong here. He sticks with Yunho even though he knew that Yunho has DID and his alter ego tried to kill him before...that's what i call true love but I guess sometimes, it's a little too tiring huh? They can't seems to spend some private alone without Yunho fear of his other self endangering Jae...
Jul. 24th, 2009 05:11 pm (UTC)
mhm :3 jaejoong started as shiloh is my favorite character to write in this fic. he's extremely tolerent with yunho but everyone has their limit.
thanks for reading and commenting ((and being the first to comment in my comm :DDD))
( 2 comments — Speak )


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