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Beyond the Mind's Control Chapter 5

Title: Beyond the Mind's Control
Length: [5/10]
Author: HolyStarDown
Pairing: Yunjae, Yoosu,
Rating: R 
Genre: Angst, horror, drama
Disclaimer: i only own them in my dreams
Summary: No summary. deal
Author's Note: this was originally not a yunjae fic so i changed all the names of the characters. i did it for my bishee reya so blame her for the fail that is this fanfic xD it has demonic possession, implied rape, murder, adn violence so don't read it if you don't like it. also, i wrote this like.... idk 3 years ago? so it's godaweful. please forgive me for that <3

Beyond the Mind's Control Chapter 5

Just as Yunho’s Other led him a few steps from the hall, Yoochun came rushing past him. The cruel grin arched his lips as Yunho watched Yoochun race to his nearly dead lover with tears streaking his face. Oh yes, Yunho’s Other thought, this is the perfect revenge…


Yunho felt a sudden rush of exhaustion and fell to his knees, collapsing against the wall and resting his entire weight on it. His vision was no longer blurry and he had full control of his body at last. “You bastard…” he mumbled aloud. He wanted to hurt Yoochun, yes, but not like this. Yunho put all the strength he had left into staggering back to the hall, still partially in a daze.


When he finally reached the doors, the hall was packed with students and teachers all trying to get a glimpse at the scene. Screams of terror broke through the chatter of the crowd, but it was still no match for the sound of Yoochun’s tortured sobs coming from the center of the commotion. With only minor difficulty, Yunho was able to make it close enough to see his Other’s work.


Teachers were pushing students away from Junsu and Yoochun while the school nurse was doing everything in her power to stop the blood from gushing out of Junsu’s throat. “Do you have any idea who could have done this Yoochun?” the nurse asked.


Yoochun held Junsu’s blood-stained body close to his own, tears flowing endlessly onto the younger boy’s clothes and Junsu’s head cradled in his arms. His eyes instantly locked on Yunho’s face. “Yun—”


But Jaejoong intervened by wrapping his arms around Yoochun’s shoulders. “Dozo, shimasen ii-tsukenmasu kare Yoochun-ah…” (Please, don’t tell on him Yoochun-ah.) Jaejoong pleaded in Japanese. “Moshi ku-arimasen kare, te kuremasu…” (If not for him, do it for me.) His eyes glistened with tears of his own as he tried to divert Yoochun’s gaze away from Yunho. “Please Yoochun.”


“Why should I??” Yoochun yelled through his tears. “Don’t you see what he’s done??”


“I know but—” Jaejoong began but he was cut off by the nurse.


“Yoochun! Do you know who did this or not?” the nurse demanded.


Yoochun glanced at Jaejoong and took a shaky breath, still glaring at Yunho with tear filled eyes. “No,” he said firmly. “I have no idea.”


Yunho’s mouth slightly dropped and his mind erupted with his Other’s laughter. He’s protecting you! You just killed his boyfriend and he’s PROTECTING you! Oh, that’s too funny! his Other thought.


“I didn’t kill him…” Yunho said in an airy voice. He refused to believe that either of them had killed Junsu, even though his body was limp in the Yoochun’s arms and his eyes were closed.


Seconds later, the paramedics burst through the hall doors with a stretcher in tow. They carefully lifted Junsu onto it and strapped an oxygen mask over his mouth as they yelled commands at each other.



“Why aren’t you stopping the bleeding??” Yoochun asked frantically.


“It’s either we stop him from bleeding and cut off his breathing, or we just give him oxygen. He’s got a better chance of living if we wait to do anything until he gets to the hospital,” one of the paramedics retorted. “Any more stupid questions?”


Yoochun shook his head and the paramedics wheeled Junsu out of the hall with Yoochun close behind.


Once the teachers started to clear the students out of the hall, Yunho felt soft hands clinging to his arm. “You’re bleeding too…” Jaejoong whispered. “You should be more careful or everybody will know what you did…” he continued with his lips nearly on Yunho's shoulder. They both looked down at the crimson streams running thickly down to the younger’s hand and sliding off his fingers. Jaejoong covered Yunho’s dripping wrist with his hand and led Yunho out to the courtyard, holding their arms out of sight until they were at the fountain and away from the other students. Then he stuck Yunho’s arm into the icy water.


Yunho jerked his arm away from Jaejoong. “What are you doing??” he cried as he watched the red around where his arm had been spread across the water, turning it a dull pink. “Don’t you understand what I did?? You shouldn’t be anywhere near me!!” Yunho rose to his feet and backed away from Jaejoong; he wasn’t going to risk Junsu’s fate with his own boyfriend.


Jaejoong grabbed Yunho’s wrist again. “Stop being stubborn! Everyone will hear you if you keep saying you did something out loud,” he said, pulling Yunho back down. He yanked the scarlet tie from his neck and securely wrapped it around Yunho’s wrist. “Why did he attack Junsu?” he whispered after a final tug on the silky material.


Yunho winced at the tie pinching his skin. “He was jealous,” Yunho said simply.


“Of Junsu?”


“No… of Yoochun… And he thought it would be a marvelous idea to hurt Junsu so Yoochun would suffer… but he went too far,” Yunho explained. He glanced at Jaejoong without turning his head. “Aren’t you going to run away or yell at me or something?”


“Not right now,” Jaejoong said, keeping his eyes on Yunho’s hand that was delicately holding his own.


“You do understand that he could lash out and kill you right now, don’t you?” Yunho said in the most intimidating voice he could manage.


“He could have killed me at any moment for the past two years Yunho. I think I can handle one more day,” Jaejoong said. He looked up at Yunho through his dark lashes and sighed. “I’m going to go to the hospital and make sure Junsu is…” his voice trailed off but he shook his head and started again. “They should let us all go home… I think you should probably get some sleep or something.” Jaejoong squeezed Yunho’s hand before rising to his feet. “I’ll… see you whenever I guess.”  He walked away without another word, leaving Yunho to sit alone on the fountain ledge.


Yunho watched in shame as Jaejoong pushed his way through the small crowds of terrified students. “He’s so stupid…” Yunho thought. “He was just mad at me for nothing, and then when I kill some one he worries about me bleeding a little bit…” He thumbed Jaejoong’s silk tie as his face slightly relaxed. He didn’t deserve Jaejoong, but he loved that man so much.


Isn’t that what I’ve been trying to tell you for years? his Other hissed.


“Now you shut up,” Yunho snapped in his mind. “You’re the one who caused all this!”


Well it worked, didn’t it? Yoochun isn’t focused on Jaejoong at all. All he cares about now is his precious little Junsu; he’ll have no time to be concerned about Jaejoong… his Other hissed with a snicker.


“Yeah, but now we’ll have another murder charge on our hands! How the hell do you expect me to get out of it this time? I’ve already cleared my file once; I’m not so sure I can do it again.”


You cleared your file? I’m sorry, but I recall me doing that…


“Whatever, it’s the same either way. Besides, I’m pretty sure everyone in the police station knows our face,” Yunho thought as the memory of his “visit” to the psych ward floated into his mind.


Our face? No, I wouldn’t be caught dead with a face like yours…


“What’s wrong with it?” Yunho asked, slightly offended. “You’ve had no problem using it for the past, oh I don’t know, sixteen years?”


That’s because I’ve had to…


“No! No no no! You’re not distracting me from this. I have to go make sure Junsu is okay,” Yunho said, rising to his feet.


He’ll die whether you’re there or not… his Other hissed indifferently. Besides, don’t you think they would all be much better off if you just left them alone? And I think Yoochun would rather not have his record stained with ripping someone’s head clear away from their neck in a hospital… That is, if he’s even capable of such a thing.


“Like pretty boy’s even strong enough,” Yunho thought with a smirk. “Can I go now?”


Yunho felt his shoulders shrug. I won’t stop you…




Hours later, Junsu’s eyes slid open and an airy groan escaped from his lips. Everything on his body hurt and his hand felt empty as if someone else’s should be there…


“Well it’s about time you woke up…” Yunho said wearily. He rubbed his eyes and glanced at the ticking clock on the wall. “Wow, midnight.”


“H-how the hell did you get in here??” Junsu asked with his voice airy and squeaking on every word.


“This wouldn’t be the first time I’ve broken in to a hospital, Junsu.” Yunho rose to his feet and stretched his arms high above his head. “To be honest, I was sure we killed you. Well, now I know you’re okay so I can leave,” Yunho said as he reached for the door.


“Wait a second!” Junsu squeaked.


“Yes?” Yunho asked. He turned his head to face Junsu with a raised eyebrow. “I already slit your throat and nearly killed your boyfriend, what more do you want?”


“I know why you did this,” Junsu started. Extreme sadness clouded his face as he gazed out of the moonlit window. “But why’d you leave me there…?”


Yunho couldn’t say anything for a moment. He knew that he should have stayed behind and helped Junsu or at least made sure he wasn’t dead. He knew that was what anyone would have normally done. But he didn’t. He left Junsu in the hallway to die without a care in the world. He shook his head. “I don’t know. I’m just surprised you lived,” he said as he walked out into the dark hospital hallway.


“Yunho!” Junsu squeaked before the door shut.


“What?” Yunho said, slightly annoyed.


“Did he hurt Yoochun?”


“No,” Yunho said, thinking to himself, “at least not yet.”


“Please don’t let him… If anything, don’t hurt Yoochun. He doesn’t deserve it.”


“Yeah, I’ll try,” Yunho lied.


“Thank you Yunho-ah. Oh, and don’t get caught on your way out. I don’t think they’d be too happy to know someone broke in here.”


Yunho tilted his head up. “Thanks. Again, I’ll try.” He walked out of Junsu’s room and closed the door before he had to hear Junsu’s voice again.


He’s just like that stupid boyfriend of yours; stupid and too forgiving.


“Yeah, and we damn sure don’t deserve it,” Yunho thought with a sigh. He made his way down the dark hall with his steps light and soundless. “Do you think Junsu’ll tell that we did this to him?”


If he had died we wouldn’t have to worry about all of that, now would we? Yunho’s other hissed. You and your stupid “no killing” policy.


“But if I didn’t have it we’d already be on death row!”


Because YOU always have to get us caught! Either that or you blab your confessions to the world!


“Stop arguing with me!!” Yunho yelled out loud. Yunho’s eyes widened and he slapped his hand over his mouth the moment the words were released into the air.

The ten seconds that followed stretched out for hours until a light in the room beside him flicked on. See? This is exactly what I was talking about! You always get us caught.


“Shut up and get me out of here!” Yunho demanded in his mind. Control of his body was gone in an instant and he felt his arms and legs lighten into feathers. His legs pumped faster than his normal state of mind could ever force them go as little drops of blood fell from his wrists and were torn apart by the air whipping around him. The world faded into a blur before falling into complete darkness.




“Yunho? Yunho baby wake up.”


Yunho finally slipped into consciousness to a soft patting on his cheek. He turned his head away from the feeling and grabbed the hand before it could strike him again.


“Oh thank God!” Yunho heard an unfamiliar voice cry, followed by many sighs of relief. “We’re so glad you’re okay,” the voice from beside him continued.


Yunho jerked himself upright and opened his eyes to take in the crowd of strangers around him. “Who are you??” he asked in a sudden surge of anger. He didn’t want people to be around him, especially when he had no idea how he got where he was.


The woman beside Yunho rose to her feet with a smile wrinkling her eyes and lifting her plump cheeks. “My name’s Han Hyunsun,” she said. “And that boy over there saved your life.” Hyunsun’s head was cocked toward Yoochun’s godlike figure standing among the crowd with his arms crossed. “You’re very lucky that he was around.”


The anger pulsing through Yunho’s veins burned at the sight of Yoochun. “Lucky my ass! I didn’t ask you to save me pretty boy!” Yunho yelled, still unsure of exactly what he was saved from.


Yoochun stared at Yunho with his dark eyes for a moment before speaking. “I know,” he said simply.


“Then why’d you do it huh? You don’t care about what I did anymore?” Yunho asked, trying to force an evil smile.


Yoochun’s eyes showed no emotion as he stared into the space behind Yunho as if he were talking to someone in the crowd. “I wouldn’t want your death on my conscience, no matter what you did,” he said.


“You’re stupid.”


“Maybe I am, but I’m pretty sure you’d rather be where you are now than broken in half on a car windshield.”




Yoochun sighed and finally looked at the slightly older boy. “You came running out of the hospital and stopped in the middle of the street. Generally when people stand in the middle of a highway they’re going to get hit by a car sooner or later.”


“And why were you roaming around town at one in the morning?”


“I couldn’t leave Junsu alone. I told the nurse I was coming back after I got some food and I was on my way back when I saw you.”


“How’d I pass out?”


Yoochun shrugged and shifted his weight to his other foot. “I don’t know, but you were bleeding pretty badly.”


Yunho turned his arm over to look at his pale wrists. Nothing was there except from old scars. No recent cuts, no blood, no nothing. “What did you do?” he thought.


Nothing… he heard his Other hiss.


Yunho knew he wouldn’t get an answer beyond that so he focused on Yoochun. “What did I say?” he asked out loud.


“Nothing,” Yoochun answered. “You just stood in the middle of the road with your arms in the air looking up at the sky. You didn’t even move when I yelled at you.”


“See?” Hyunsun chimed in. “I told you you were lucky he was around!”


“I don’t see any luck in my life being saved,” Yunho said, shooting a glare at Yoochun. “You should have let me die.” Yunho turned away from the crowd and began to walk away when his rival called him back.


“Wait a second,” Yoochun said softly. He waited for Yunho’s eyes to lock with his. “Why were you at the hospital?”


Yunho looked deep into Yoochun’s dark eyes and saw no point in lying to such a caring person. “I wanted to see if Junsu was alright…”


A smile flashed across Yoochun’s face and his eyes instantly lit up. “I figured it was something like that.”

Tags: author: holystardown, genre: angst, genre: drama, genre: thriller, length: chaptered, pairing: yoosu, pairing: yunjae, title: beyond the mind's control
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