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Beyond the Mind's Control Chapter 6

Title: Beyond the Mind's Control
Length: [6/10]
Author: HolyStarDown
Pairing: Yunjae, Yoosu,
Rating: R 
Genre: Angst, horror, drama
Disclaimer: i only own them in my dreams
Summary: No summary. deal
Author's Note: this was originally not a yunjae fic so i changed all the names of the characters. i did it for my bishee reya so blame her for the fail that is this fanfic xD it has demonic possession, implied rape, murder, adn violence so don't read it if you don't like it. also, i wrote this like.... idk 3 years ago? so it's godaweful. please forgive me for that <3

Beyond the Mind's Control Chapter 6

Yunho felt some connection with that smile, just like when they were still friends but a little stronger. He couldn’t put his finger on why; the situation wasn’t anything important and Yoochun’s smile certainly wasn’t any different from the one he gave everyone else. But nonetheless, it melted some of his hatred towards Yoochun.


“Whatever,” he finally said, trying to sound indifferent.


“Seriously though, are you alright? I think I knocked you down pretty hard… and you were out for a good while…” Yoochun said. The expression on his face was sympathetic, apologetic, concerned, and guilty all at the same time. His onyx eyes reflected the dim lights of passing cars and a few cell phone lights from the crowd as he held Yunho’s gaze.


“Just like a puppy…” Yunho thought. “Wait a second… what? What the hell did I think that for?” He heard a snicker from the back of his mind, raising his agitation and making his hatred toward Yoochun come flooding back. “I’m fine,” Yunho snapped out loud. “I still say you shouldn’t have done anything.” He pushed through the crowd in desperate attempt to get away from people. His mind went crazy with so many thoughts at once, all of them swarming together and making little sense. “No. No, no, no, no, no. I can’t. No. Never look at him again. Never let him smile at me again. Never. Oh that bastard…” Yunho muttered. “I can’t be friends with him again. I won’t let it happen.”


So much for hating him… his Other hissed.


“Shut up! I do hate him! That’s why I don’t want to be friends with him again!”


No, you want to be, you just won’t let yourself…


“Proves how much you know…” Yunho thought sarcastically. He felt a grin tug at his lips.


It does, doesn’t it?


Yunho rolled his eyes and sat on a bench beside a bus stop sign. He jammed his hands in his pockets and gazed up at the stars that were slowly being devoured by dark clouds. “Don’t you enjoy anything but killing and torturing people? I mean really, the stars are beautiful…”


A long silver bus pulled up in front of Yunho before his Other could answer. Yunho boarded the bus and saw his reflection in the driver’s mirror. His normally black eyes were still tinged with red from his earlier takeover. Yunho jerked the hood of his tattered jacket over his head, shielding his eyes from the sight of others, and sat with his forehead against the chilled glass of the window. He heard nothing from his Other for the entire bus ride and the silence continued even when Yunho arrived at his front door.


Yunho shoved his key into the lock and noticed the pink slip on his door he had ignored that morning. He snatched the slip off but was too tired to see the words on the page. Deciding that whatever it was would be better dealt with in the morning, he tossed the slip on his desk and curled up beneath his soft blankets before drifting off to sleep.




The next morning, Yunho awoke to the shrieking of his alarm clock. He groaned softly and kicked his sheets to the floor. Once again, he woke up more tired than he had been the night before and exhaustion kept his eyes shut. He rubbed them until they finally slid open and slowly brought his room into focus. The clock beside him flashed 6:05 TU in bright red against the new light of the morning and was soon covered by Yunho's hand pushing the snooze button.


As Yunho made his way to the kitchen, a frantic knocking on the front door brought him into being truly awake. He opened the door and a body slammed into him followed by a pair of thin arms squeezing the breath out of his lungs.


“What the heck Jaejoong??” he gasped when the arms finally released their hold.


“Yoochun told me what happened and I had to see if you were really okay.” Jaejoong wrapped his arms around Yunho’s waist, lighter this time. “Don’t ever worry me like that again.”


“I wasn’t exactly myself when it happened.” Yunho averted his gaze to anywhere but his lover and lowered his voice. “Yoochun shouldn’t have done anything anyway,” he said as he pried Jaejoong off of him.


“If he hadn’t have done anything you’d be dead!” Jaejoong cried.


“Exactly. Now go home. I have to change and… stuff.”


“Alright.” Jaejoong walked over to big leather chair and plopped down in its cushions, crossing his legs ever so sensually. “Go ahead.”


Yunho let out a wry laugh and looked up at the ceiling. “Not with you here Jaejoong-ah.”


Jaejoong propped his elbow on his knee and rested his chin on his hand. “Well I’m not leaving,” he said simply.


“And I’m not going to let you watch,” Yunho said. He got behind the leather chair and easily dumped Jaejoong out of it and onto the floor. “Now go home. I’ll see you in a few minutes.”


Jaejoong stayed sprawled on the floor. “No. I have no way of getting back home unless I walk.” He looked up at Yunho with his puppy eyes on. “You wouldn’t make me walk all the way home, would you?”


Yunho sighed and crossed his arms. His resistance to Jaejoong’s puppy eyes was weaker than a toothpick, and they both knew it. “Fine but I’m going into my room,” he said as he ascended up the stairs with his small victory. But of course, his victory was short lived. When he turned to shut his door, Jaejoong was standing right behind him.


“I’m going to watch you whether you like it or not.”


Yunho sighed deeply. “Why? You don’t like us doing anything and it’s not like watching me change clothes is as good as a porno or anything…” he said, grabbing his shirt to slip it over his head.


Jaejoong’s hand met Yunho’s cheek with a soft thwack. “I’m not doing it to see you naked you idiot!!” he cried. “I want to see if you got hurt!!”


“Take my word for it, I’m fine.”


“You lie about that too often for me to believe you…” Jaejoong said. He wrapped his arms around Yunho’s waist and rested his head on the taller boy’s back. “Could you just be honest with me for once?”


“I am honest with you. You just never believe me until I prove you wrong,” Yunho said as he slid his hands down Jaejoong’s arms and played with his boyfriend’s fingers.


“I just want to see for myself…” Jaejoong muttered.


“Alright…” Yunho finally said in surrender. He slid off his shirt and wriggled out of the jeans he had been wearing the night before, leaving his skin covered by nothing but boxers. With outstretched arms, he slowly turned in front of Jaejoong. “Does this hold up to your standards?”


Jaejoong’s eyes swept over Yunho’s well sculpted body and came to rest on his neck. “Not really…” He reached out a hand and ran his slender finger over a bruise just above Yunho’s collarbone. “What’d you get this from?” he asked.


Yunho’s hand also went to his neck. “I don’t know what you mean.” He applied pressure and instantly felt a twinge of pain shoot up to his face. “I guess Yoochun did it when he pushed me last night or something.”


“Doesn’t look like it…” Jaejoong said with his eyes still locked on the bruise.


“Well what do you want me to say Jaejoong-ah? Your guess on this is probably better than mine. Besides, it’s only tiny, nothing major.”


“I don’t care if it’s major or not! I’m sick of you always getting hurt.”


“But it doesn’t hurt unless you mess with it… Like you’re doing now,” Yunho said, grabbing Jaejoong's wrist and moving his hand away.


“You know what I mean,” Jaejoong whined. He jerked his wrist out of Yunho’s grip and crossed his arms. “Just be more careful, okay?”


“Whatever…” Yunho replied. He knew very well he couldn’t make any such promise, whether he wanted to or not. “Now can I put my clothes on?”


Jaejoong made one last sweep of his eyes over Yunho’s body. “Yeah, go ahead.”


Yunho watched Jaejoong as he put his normal black attire on even though the smaller boy was staring out of his window, arms still beautifully overlapping each other and a dazed expression playing with his ebony eyes.


“What are you thinking about?” Yunho asked after a long silence.


“You. Like I always am.”


Yunho sighed. “Why is everything you say hypocritical?”


“What do you mean?” Jaejoong asked without facing Yunho.


“One minute you love me, the next you hate me. You’re scared to death by me and then turn around and couldn’t be more concerned about me… What do you really think of me Jaejoong?”


Jaejoong turned to Yunho with his tongue slowly running over his teeth behind his lips. “I think you’re a stubborn, psychotic, single-minded retard and probably one of the biggest morons I’ve ever seen in my life.”


Yunho hung his head. “I deserve that…”


Jaejoong put his finger to Yunho’s lips. “Let me finish.” He took in Yunho’s silence for a moment and continued. “I think you’re all of those things, but I love you to death, and nothing can ever stop me from doing it,” Jaejoong said, sealing his words with a light kiss. “Besides, aren’t you the same way? I mean really Yunho. You say I’m stupid for staying with you and try to get me away, but when I try to leave on my own free will, you beg me to stay.”


“Hellooo? Double mind set. Having two opinions comes with the territory!” Yunho joked, poking his forehead.


Jaejoong laughed a little and playfully pushed Yunho’s arm. “Whatever. It’s you who does both. Your other little idiot wants me dead.”


“And you say that with such a happy face?”


Jaejoong’s expression immediately darkened. “Well… I was just saying to make a point…”


After a long, awkward silence, Yunho picked up his backpack and slung it over his shoulder. “We should probably head to school…” he suggested.


“Oh, I’m not going today,” Jaejoong said, flicking stray strands of his raven-colored hair out of his face.


“Why not?” Yunho asked, only half surprised. Jaejoong had been skipping school at least one day every week for the past few months so he was used to it by now. Though Yunho wasn’t sure why, he never questioned Jaejoong’s reason before.


“Why? Um… I just don’t feel like going. But I’ll see you after,” Jaejoong said with a smile.


“Alright,” Yunho sighed after a long pause. “You can’t stay here though.”


Jaejoong flashed his bright teeth and took Yunho’s hand. “Then you’re taking me home,” he said, dragging Yunho toward the door.




Jaejoong swung open his front door and gestured for Yunho to follow him inside, but Yunho shook his head at the idea. “I can’t be late for school Jaejoong-ah.”


“I decided I want you to stay with me,” Jaejoong said in his most innocent voice. He fluttered his eyelashes and smiled at Yunho, trying to persuade him to come in with his impossibly beautiful looks.


“Jaejoong I can’t—” Yunho began, but he was cut off when Jaejoong pulled him inside and shut the door behind him. “What the hell do you think you’re doing??” Yunho yelled.


“Do you trust me?” Jaejoong asked as his finger flipped the lock on the door.


Yunho felt no fear towards his personal angel, but he had to admit that Jaejoong’s actions today were bizarre and his trust in the other was slipping further and further away from him with each strange occurrence. His Other shrieked at him to leave while his own mind told him there was nothing to run away from or run away to. What could Jaejoong possibly do to him? “Yes, I do,” Yunho finally answered, “with all my heart.”


“Good,” Jaejoong said as a mischievous smile played with his lips.


Yunho examined Jaejoong’s face, trying to read what he was planning to do. “Why do you ask?” he queried slowly.


“Just wait a few minutes. You’ll see.”

Tags: author: holystardown, genre: angst, genre: drama, genre: thriller, length: chaptered, pairing: yoosu, pairing: yunjae, title: beyond the mind's control
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