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A Colab Community For sceneofhate and holystardown
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Okay! So this is a community where myself ((holystardown)) and sceneofhate will post all of our fanfics/ stories about our favorite bands or people we know in real life. There's nothing required to join the comm except for an appreciation of our work and a love of the bands we write about :3

There are a few rules you need to follow in order to stay in the comm that are really simple.

1) Post a comment before you join :D ((not really required, but we'd really appreciate it <3 ))
2) Comment at least once on any of the fics we post. It doesn't matter which one, just comment so we know that it's not a lost cause.
3) Constructive critisism is welcome, but not just plain rudeness
4) Send either of us a message if you want to have an advertisement put in our comm. If we like it, we'll post it :]
5) Feel free to post bitchfits on any of our rant posts
6) Enjoy our fics <3